Green Care's Green Vision

All businesses have an impact on the world in which we live - and sometimes that has a negative effect on the environment.

We at Greencare have tried to minimise our 'foot print' when manufacturing and have given thought to the design and use of our products to make them, through the whole of their life, probably the most earth friendly around.

Greencare chairs are fully recyclable and, through clever design, enable efficient upgrading and refurbishment without the need for expensive factory refits.

Greencare as part of Greentyre have a 'green' philosophy; we have photo voltaic panels at our UK factory, have reduced power consumption by 43% in 4 years and are currently conducting feasibility studies to harness wind to supply most of our power needs.

Greentyre introduced flat free tyres to the UK and world market in 1992 - tyres that never fail, never need pumping up, outlast any rubber tyres and can be recycled when at the end of useful service. 

We have already left tracks on many areas of the world - but only a positive one - the DB1 is the next generation of that earth friendly innovation.