Crash Test

Greencare use the ISO 7176-19 crash impact test in our product test and approval process.

This test simulates a forwards facing crash with a 75Kg wheelchair occupant seated in a wheelchair secured with tie downs in a road vehicle travelling at 30mph. The crash impact is a 20G deceleration. This is a force combination equivalent to hitting a large tree head on.

We have successfully crash tested many different DB1 configurations and on one occasion used the same chair in two consecutive tests which we believe is unique. In testing we used 4 point wheelchair tie downs and occupant restraints supplied by Unwins. Tie down location points are indicated on wheelchair frames and no other points should be used to secure the chairs and especially not the wheels.

For wheelchairs that are stored during a journey, and some adapted configurations of DB1 including adult active user wheelchairs with a low backrest height and front wheel propelling wheelchairs, the crash test is not applicable to required function. 


We issue this advice for the use of a Greencare wheelchair in a vehicle:

The wheelchair should be secured to the floor in a forwards facing direction.

The wheelchair and occupant must be secured to the vehicle independently.

More than one person should not occupy the wheelchair.

The wheelchair should be fitted with a head restraint.

The upper occupant restraint should be secured to the vehicle above shoulder height.

No component of the restraint should pass through the wheelchair wheels.

The wheelchair should not be modified or strained to allow the fitting of restraints.

Loose fitting attachments should be removed from the wheelchair.